Saturday, November 18, 2017


After a week of hypothetical projects, here's one that I've actually completed. This is the first book I ever queried, and though I got a few request on it, it was (rightfully) never picked up. At the time I was querying it would have been perfect for the market. Now... it's not.

So I don't really have any plans of publishing it, but I have considered cleaning it up a bit and making it available, perhaps on Wattpad.

Here's the pitch for OLYMPUS GATE:

Annie always believed she was just another girl orphaned by the nuclear wars... until the anonymous package arrived on her doorstep. Piecing together the clues inside reveals that she was born thousands of years before in ancient Rome, and that time travel is possible. She discovers that she had a twin sister, who was murdered in 83 BCE.

When she learns of her sister's death, she realizes she has a choice: stay with the people she has known all her life or return to ancient Rome in the hope of saving her twin. What's more, Annie believes that by changing the past she could create a new future, one not destroyed by war, but that in doing so she would erase the lives of everyone she loves. Uncertain whether she is making the right choice, Annie travels back to Rome.

Now she's stuck in the past, hiding her true identity and falling for the guy who loves her twin. She can't find her sister. She can't figure out how to change the world. And as the ancient superstitions that led to her sister's death close in, she fears that she may run out of time for both.

Friday, November 17, 2017


I'm going to cheat just a little bit with today's pitch. It isn't for a book but for a Doctor Who episode I'd love to see made. There's so much possible when playing with time, but I don't think I've ever seen an episode where the Doctor and companion have to solve a problem together while moving in opposite directions in time. (Granted I haven't seen every episode of the show, so it's possible it has happened before.)


The Doctor and [companion] have come to planet Etroia to visit the ancient, wise species that lives there, but when they arrive they find the planet empty and covered in mist. Upon landing they lose the Tardis and find themselves repeating the same hour over and over—but in reverse order of one another. As [companion] remembers more and more of their time there, the Doctor remembers less and less.

Now it is up to [companion] to sift through the clues the Doctor has been dropping in order to retrieve the Tardis and find the device causing their temporal misalignment. If [companion] can’t fix the misalignment before the Doctor forgets everything, they’ll both disappear into the mist, just like the former inhabitants of Etroia.

Thursday, November 16, 2017


Today's pitch comes out of some of the reading I've done lately on artificial superintelligence, as well as my own fears about connecting everything in our lives (cars, refrigerators, thermostats...) to systems we don't control. I think these ideas should be explored in fiction, though I worry I'm not the right person to present them. Nevertheless, here's an idea for a book I'd like to see, whether I'm the one to write it or not:

Dillon is on his way to school in a self-driving car when a world-wide automotive security hack causes crashes around the globe. Dillon’s car swerves into a tree, and he loses consciousness. When he wakes up, his body is dead. Thanks to a new, cutting edge technology, his brain has been copied digitally into a computer housed in an android body.

Plagued by questions of his own humanity, Dillon struggles to come to terms with the role he must now play in the world. His “resurrection” was a gift, but not a free one. The researchers want to enhance his processing power, hoping he’ll be the link between human thought and digital superintelligence.

Only slowly does Dillon come to understand that he’s meant to be no more than a tool. He’ll have to fight to have any autonomy at all, for he who controls the greatest intelligence controls the future.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017


I've always had the idea of writing a book called I'LL BE DANCING. I was in ballet all through grade school, and dance was such a big part of my childhood. I'd love to pay tribute to my experience in ballet, and to the instructor I had for so long.

But I never really had a plot... until I sat down to come up with something and this one fell right onto the page. I think it would be pretty cool, though it's a big departure from the sort of thing I usually write.

Here's the third sci fi pitch of the week:

Mara was dancing when the news hit that They had made first contact. Suddenly her dreams of teaching dance for as long as her body allows were replaced with worry over what intelligent alien life might mean for humanity as a whole.

Mara was dancing when They landed their ships on Earth… and picked her to have the first direct communication with a life form from another world.

And Mara will continue dancing with all her strength, until the disease eating through her body kills her. She’ll dance for the peace it brings her. She’ll dance to leave her mark on a rapidly-changing world.

She’ll dance, because when she does, They speak to her.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017


So I've had today's pitch in mind for a while now, but since it's more sci fi than fantasy I haven't really done anything with it.

The more I think about it, though, the more it seems like a good short story or maybe novella, so perhaps being shorter, I might get to it.


Kindra has the crosshairs of her gun on Delfrank’s heart. She is going to pull the trigger. She has to. That was her whole purpose in coming back to this time—kill Delfrank to silence a secret, to end a war, to prevent a genocide.

She didn’t anticipate falling in love with him.

But she didn’t know who he would be, and by the time she learned his identity, she was already smitten. Now in the span of a single breath she considers everything: a hundred stolen kisses and ten thousand lost souls, the sound of Delfrank’s laugh and her brother’s tears as he held his wife, the life she wants and the choice she is forced to make.

She must pull the trigger. She must! But how many lifetimes can she live in a single breath before she makes her final choice?